Day 7 of 40: “The Reason for Everything”

Key Points:

  • It’s all for God
  • everything is for His glory. His glory is the essence of nature, the weight of his importance, the radiance of his splendor, the demonstration of his power, and the atmosphere of his presence.
  • His Glory is in everything you see around, from the smallest microscopic form of life to the vast Milky Way, from sunsets to stars to storms to seasons.
  • Gods glory is best seen in Jesus Christ
  • We are commanded to recognize his glory honor it, declare it, reflect on it and live for his glory. Remember you cannot add anything to it you can only receive it and receive from it.
  • We are all sinners so none of us have given God the full glory which is the biggest mistake. Living for God’s glory is the greatest achievement we can accomplish with our lives


  • We bring glory to God by worshipping him.
  • Worship is our first responsibility to God because it brings joy to him as well as us.
  • We worship God by enjoying him.
  • We have to learn as God loves
  • It says in the Bible, “As i have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you live one another”


  • We bring glory to God by becoming like Christ.
  • Once we are born into God’s family, he wants us to grow to spiritual maturity which is becoming like Christ.
  • God gave you a new life and a new nature when you accepted Christ.
  • We bring glory to God by serving others with our gifts.
  • Each of us was uniquely designed for God with talents, gifts, skills, and abilities
  • The way you were “wired” is not an accident. He definitely didn’t give you these things for selfish purposes.
  • They were given to benefit others just as their abilities were given to them for your benefit.
  • We bring Glory to God by telling others about him.
  • Share the word of God and be proud while doing so because it brings joy to God that yu even try,
  • The trial matters because it is in from your heart. Even if you are not bible savvy, preach God to people around you whether they feel like they need it or not.
  • Introduce them to Jesus, help them find their purpose, prepare them for their eternal destiny.
  • You can do all this because you know the truth and you have accepted it. Jesus Christ.


  • Living the rest of your life for the Glory of God will require a change in priorities, your schedule, your relationships, and everything else.
  • Because it wont be easy journey, when you come to a fork in the road, would you fulfill his purpose and bring him glory or would you shrink and live a comfortable, self-centered life?
  • Who are you going to live for? Yourself of God?
  • All you need to do is RECEIVE and BELIEVE.
  • Believe the God loves you and made you for his purpose.
  • Second, receive Jesus into your life as your Lord and Savior because he is the way, the truth, and the life.
  • I will invite you to bow your head now ans say this quick prayer.
  • “Jesus, I believe in you and i receive you”. Go ahead and don’t be shy.
  • If you were sincere about that prayer, Welcome to the Family of God. You are now ready to discover and start living God’s purpose for your life. Tell someone about this experience.


Where in my daily routine can i become more aware of God’s glory?


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