Day 6 of 40: “Life is a Temporary Assignment”

Key Points:

  • Always remember this concept when looking at life in general. One is that life is extremely brief compared to eternity and also earth is only a temporary resident while our earthly body is a home for our soul.
  • Remember that God put us here and only he knows why so seek him and ask that his will be done in your life today.
  • Do not get too attached to this world. Have earthly goals but understand that your eternal purpose on earth and eternally is much more important than whatever goals you have set for yourself.
  • Live your life as a temporary resident on earth just like you would if you move to a foreign country. You will never call a foreign country home and you will long to get home so treat your life that way, understanding that your home where your eternal father lives in waiting for you.
  • “Your identity is your eternity and your homeland is heaven.
  • If you fall into the ways of the earth (where the devil has infiltrating power), you will in essence be joining him. In other words you will be a traitor to your home country and you will lose citizenship of heaven.
  • The fact that lie is not our home is explained in the fact that as followers of Jesus who seek eternity, we experience difficulty, sorrow, and rejection in this world.
  •  You are treated like garbage when living in this world so why not seek to finally go home where there is nothing but the fruits of the spirit and the Lord God in command, where no evil can touch.
  • In order for God to keep us from being too attached, God makes us feel this discontent and dissatisfaction in life; We will never attain true happiness here because we are not supposed to be here forever.
  • Earth is not our final home, we are created or something better.
  • Why do you think it matters how you live your life before you die?, we are programmed by our father to feel the sense of something to come after death so we should seize the opportunity to have integrity and live faithfully by the word.
  • At death, you wont leave home, you will go home.


“How should the fact that life on earth is a temporary assignment change the way that I am living right now?


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