President Barack Obama

Why is there so much discussed criticism about the leadership of our current President, Barack Obama?


One response to “President Barack Obama

  • damfceo

    Our presidential change has been very criticized for so many reasons. Despite serving as a strong role model for our children, both young and old, despite trying to make changes that prove both successful and unsuccessful, despite all the attempts to fix all of the tragedies our nation has faced throughout the years; We still have some good people of this country attempt to bring down our leadership.

    Our president was elected in at a time of economic recession that led to inflation, especially in gas prizes, and many more. He was elected at a time of natural disasters but was able to make very important relief efforts both nationally and internationally. President Obama also faced and still faces criticism about whether or not he is a good leader more so because of his race.

    What exactly is wrong with this picture? President Obama by my book has made very strong and often successful attempts to make this country a better place while considering the opinions of the people (An honorable gesture according to the constitution that rules our nation). If anyone can name one president that had no faults, please notify me. I have once said that this country will need Obama or a better comparison to finally turn around but in Obama’s term as president will set them up. This might make the next president look much better than Obama but, yet again, what is wrong with that? Presidents are meant to lead so who cares if someone does better or worse? All that matters is that many attempts were made for you and i to lead a better life and to become better. Why all the criticism? LET MY PRESIDENT RUN!!!!

    All criticism does is make our nation look weak and incomplete. This is not the American way.

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